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UNH students reflect on National Kindness Day


[DURHAM]— Feb. 17 was National Kindness Day, making this past week an opportunity for people to spread kindness. I decided to go out of my way to spread kindness to those around me and encouraged my friends and peers at The University of New Hampshire (UNH) to do the same.  

In doing this, I was able to experience a genuine kindness from the people around me and value the little things in life much more than I typically would. My friends went out of their way to be nice toward me and we all helped each other out throughout this week and these incredibly stressful times.  

Their actions made me feel like I should do the same. I switched my roommate’s laundry, drove a friend around that needed someone to talk to and I took the time to compliment all of my coworkers throughout the day. Being kind to others also helped me be kinder to myself as well. I took care of my body by exercising and going to bed early. I also had a visit at Psychological and Counseling Services (PACS) to take care of my mental health.  

I am in awe with how gracious the students at UNH are toward each other and even people they don’t know. I hope readers are inspired by how these young adults are taking care of others and exceeding the expectations of human kindness: 

“I was going through a tough time and my new friend Sam covered my shift at work.”- Phoebe Keck, junior  

“I was feeling sad and my friend Jack picked me up and brought me to McDonald’s.” – Sawyer Nolan, junior 

“I took my friend out for Valentine’s Day as she didn’t have a date.” – Conor Ramsay, sophomore 

“I am working at a homeless shelter and it’s a great experience to connect with the clients. They have great stories.” – Kelly Lynn, senior 

“Someone told me I look like Steve Buschemi. I don’t know if it was a compliment or not, but yeah.” -Daniel Safsel, alumni  

“I was feeling really overwhelmed and then my friend Nate bought me McDonald’s and took me to the mall. Also, my mom gave me a back massage tonight because my back hurt.” – Stella Aucoin, sophomore  

“I drove my friend to an interview because his car broke down.” – Avery Vine, sophomore 

“I bought my friends breakfast this morning and helped one of them with their spanish homework.” -Kinsey Oliver, sophomore 

“I cleaned my roommate’s dishes.” – Ryan Morreale, sophomore  

“Something my best friend always does for me is she always starts the day by asking how I am and will continue to ask throughout the day. It’s just nice to know that someone’s thinking about you and is there for you.” – Skye Hamilton, junior 

Photo courtesy of Evolve Family Services.

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