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Farewell Column: Thinking on the past and moving forward

By Charlie Weinmann, Arts Editor

As I reflect on the time I have spent at The New Hampshire, I recall something that former TNH Content Editor Adam James Babinat once said. It went something like, “my entire college experience was built off of my experience with TNH.” I remember him saying this in a very honest and loving tone of voice. Now that I am leaving my position as Arts Editor, I share a similar sentiment. As a freshman I never wanted to join a fraternity, and I was wary of committing to any other sort of student organization. I applied to select others, but never felt included or respected for what I was trying to offer. As a sophomore who was trying to figure out what he wanted to do with his life, and having recently declared English as my major, I was swayed to attend a contributors meeting by my good pal, and former TNH editor, Joel Kost. The rest is history from there, but my point in specifically mentioning these people is that by joining TNH, I gained both an amazing set of mentors as well as some truly wonderful friends who will influence me in creating my future, no matter what I choose to pursue.

TNH has allowed me to expand my knowledge in some very unique ways. Last October, I was fortunate enough to be able to travel to New Orleans with fellow editor Phoebe McPherson to attend the National College Media Convention. As a passionate musician I was thrilled to be able to visit this historical city with deep musical roots. As a young journalist, the convention served as possibly the most eye opening experience into the world of journalism I would have in college. That trip is something I’ll never forget, and I’ll forever associate it with the extraordinary commitment TNH has for the education of its staff. Thank you.

I feel privileged to have experienced TNH during two periods of major transition. I began my career at the paper under former Executive Editor Susan Doucet, and with a staff that is almost completely different than it is now. I remember the first night working with the newer staff, and I felt proud that I was able to carry over some of the old dynamic that helped make the group lively and tight-knit as peers. Although this was an exciting time, I would certainly miss working with greats such as Arjuna Ramgopal, who, I might add, had a voluptuous head of hair, which I quite admired.

I am delighted to call every staff member at TNH a friend of mine, and I have absolute confidence that when I am gone, those who remain will continue to make TNH the best college newspaper in country. Nick Stoico, the current executive editor, is one of the most dedicated and knowledgeable people in the college newspaper industry. His selfless attitude and his drive for top-notch success are unbeatable. Phoebe McPherson’s eye for design is unmatchable, and along with her fiery, go-getter personality, TNH is in the best of hands at least for the next few years.

Even though the arts editor was only responsible for one section a week, I never once felt as though I was a less important piece of the final product. The friendly and fun attitudes of my fellow editors made coming into work one night a week something to look forward to, and I learned to love staying in the office until the wee hours of the morning. I felt like I was part of something bigger than myself; something that we as a team could offer to our community. I will miss working with my team of editors and writers, and I plan to contribute pieces I will be writing for my internship next semester (primarily so I can stop in the office here and there and say hello).

I would like to thank everyone I have ever worked with at TNH, staff and contributors, for giving my college career a deeper sense of purpose, and for teaching me so many valuable life skills. And of course for the countless hilarious moments and good times.

Thank you all so much, and thank you to the readers.

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