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Letter to the Editor: Elizabeth Warren Understands Our Climate Crisis – She Has 13 Plans For It

To the Editor:

We have been pushing our planet to the limit, and the consequences are becoming increasingly clear. For too long, politics and the media have framed climate change as a disputable subject that has become a rhetorical competition among them. The U.S. has a responsibility to clean up the mess we’ve made. If we ignore climate change and allow our political leaders to do the same, we will continue to push our planet until it is destroyed. That’s why climate change needs to come first; without a planet to live on, nothing else will matter.

Climate change is not a simple problem, so it won’t have a simple fix. Elizabeth Warren is the only candidate who is looking at climate in every part of her plans. She is an original cosponsor of the Green New Deal resolution which commits the U.S. to achieve net-zero emissions by 2030. Her proposed plans lay a foundation for the critical transition to clean energy in an economically feasible way- leaving no community or workers behind.

It’s clear that Elizabeth understands that it is an issue of economics, public resources, and national security. Economic losses will only continue to grow and investors have already begun divesting. The first major US insurance company recently announced that it will no longer insure or invest in coal. According to an article published in Nature Climate Change, a rapid decline in demand for fossil fuels before 2035 is likely. Meaning, a financial crisis is imminent if our country does not prepare.

The climate crisis could also act as an opportunity. Warren’s plans will accelerate our transition to clean energy by incentivizing corporations to shift away from fossil fuels, investing in green technology, and tackling the corruption surrounding big, powerful industries. Supporting American workers who may be disadvantaged during this movement will be one of Elizabeth’s biggest efforts. Elizabeth proposes investing in rebuilding our water, transportation, and building infrastructure which would create 10.6 million jobs in America. Construction of green homes and buildings that will be affordable to lower-income families is only one example. Through Elizabeth’s 13 climate plans, she will ensure that Americans are faced with a fair and just transition as we build this new climate-based economy together.

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