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    Amtrak Downeaster: 5 things to do near Woburn

    1. Breakout 

    Breakout Games is an organization that specializes in escape rooms for you and your friends to solve by deciphering riddles, piecing together puzzles and finding clues. If you’ve never been to an escape room before, the goal is to work together with teammates to crack codes before the time runs out. At the Woburn location, there are different scenarios to choose from, such as kidnappings, runaway trains, museum heists, Operation Casino, hostage situations and hotel rooms. In some situations, guests are handcuffed and blindfolded, and in others, they have to look inward to find a spy. All scenarios are listed on the website so you can gauge your comfort level for each one. Each escape room lasts about 45 minutes to an hour, but groups are expected to show up 15 minutes early so Breakout can stay on schedule. If you’re claustrophobic you have the ability to leave the escape room at any time.  

    Breakout Games is located at 100 Tradecenter Drive in Suite 680. Scheduling and sign-ups can be found at

    2. Mindtrek 

    If puzzles and riddles aren’t your cup of tea, another great gaming experience is Mindtrek, which utilizes virtual reality. Situations include Esports, fighting back against zombies or reclaiming a space station taken over by rogue robots. Even if you do like escape rooms but need something to spice it up, the Virtual Reality escape room may be what you’re looking for. All guests get goggles that immerse you in the experience, a 15-pound backpack and a three-pound “gun.” The Woburn location is the only Mindtreck to include X-Arc which allows two to four players at a time to compete in 10-minute VR games including Beat Saber, a VR rhythm game where you slash the beats to fit perfectly to music, Creed: Rise to Glory, where guests can step in the ring and fight against the most iconic figures of the “Rocky” films, RevolVR 2.0, a player vs. player Wild West shootout and many others. For those who like a more casual gaming experience, the Woburn location also has a “Console Corner” with an Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch.  

    Mindtreck is located at 34 Cummings Park. Tickets, schedules and gaming scenarios can be found at  

    3. Woburn Public Library 

    Libraries may not seem exciting, but the 200-year-old Woburn Public Library is a great place for any history buff. The building was purchased in 1789 by a group of 33 townspeople. Coming a long way from its first conception, when it was a “social library” since public libraries hadn’t caught on quite yet, the Woburn Public Library now helps people from all over the community connect and share ideas. The library also hosts events such as book clubs, paint nights, crafting classes and live music. 

    The Woburn Public Library is located at 45 Pleasant St. You can call 781-933-0148, visit or email [email protected] for any questions about the building’s history, the books they have or upcoming events.  

    4. Horn Pond 

    Some people may not want to spend their entire visit to Woburn indoors, so Horn Pond is the perfect place to get some fresh air. The pond is 133 acres and features a paved 2.2-mile walk around the perimeter, with a great view of the 287-foot Mount Towanda as well as other marshes and woodlands that are home to animals such as coyotes, herons, swans, owls, turtles and many other types of wildlife. Those who have their fishing licenses are welcome to stop by the pond and cast a line to try and catch largemouth bass, bluegill, carp, white sucker or any other popular fish found on the property. If fishing isn’t your thing, then you’re welcome to walk around or sit back at a picnic table and enjoy the scenery. If you get bored of walking in a loop around the pond, there are other interconnecting trails on the west side to make the loop longer or to explore. These paths aren’t marked like the main one but are very noticeable due to high foot traffic over the years. For more information on Horn Pond, visit their Facebook page.  

    5. Lord Hobo Brewing Company 

    After a long day of figuring out escape rooms, playing virtual reality, exploring the historic library and taking a stroll around the pond, you will likely want to go somewhere with food and drinks. The best place to go for this is Lord Hobo Brewing Company. For food, they offer sandwiches, pizzas, salads, wings and other snacks. Their original brews range from ales to lagers to IPAs. Although they don’t give brewing tours, their full operation setup is visible from their taproom for guests to look behind the scenes. All of their local beers can be found on their website with facts about their color, aroma and taste, as well as what’s in the drink. For those who are gluten-sensitive, there are many safe wines and ciders on the menu to choose from. For people who don’t drink alcohol, there is nitro-cold brew and sodas to pick from. The best part? A German Shepherd named Boss is part of the brewing team! 

    Lord Hobo Brewing Company is located on 5 Draper St. More information about beer options, food and events can be found at 

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