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The festive fun of UNH Skellington


Just like any university in the online era, University of New Hampshire (UNH) has an array of associated social media accounts made and maintained by students for other’s entertainment. One of those accounts is @unh_skellington, an Instagram page dedicated to images of a skeleton figurine named Jeffrey. 

Currently just shy of 100 followers, the account has 39 posts with Jeffrey in many different situations, from reading the U.S. Constitution to dramatically looking out of the window to laying down in the autumn leaves. 

The owner of the page wished to stay anonymous to support the mysterious aura of the page. According to them, the account was created in Oct. 2017, when Jeffrey was purchased for $5 at Walmart.  

“I’ve always just really loved Halloween and thought it was downright hilarious when I strapped Jeffrey into the backseat of my car,” the owner said, recalling the circumstances that led to the very first post on the Instagram page. 

From that, more posts followed. 

“There’s a lot of ‘joke’ Instagram accounts at UNH so I was like, what if I just put him around campus and took pictures of him?” the owner said. “I thought it was definitely the content I would love to see so I just created it.” 

In addition to Jeffrey, the account sometimes features the photos of other skeletons that “fit the vibe.” 

The owner is a big fan of horror, having the Halloween decorations up in their room all year round. According to them, the account was created as a way to reflect the interest. 

“I guess the purpose of the account is to consistently deliver spooky vibes and humor all year round to those who enjoy Halloween/horror and stuff after the month of October,” the owner said.  

The account is moderated by only one person, but they do accept submissions that sometimes get posted. 

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