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Brosmer bringing excitement back to UNH football

Quarterback Max Brosmer has become the only first-year player to start at the position in UNH history. Just four games into his collegiate career the Georgia native has put together a game-winning drive on his way to two straight wins and has been named the CAA Rookie of the Week. Brosmer has the entire team backing him and could be the one to lead this program back to the playoffs. 

Brosmer grew up north of the border in Canada before settling down in Georgia for the last 10 years. Throughout his childhood, the quarterback says that his dad has had the biggest impact on his football success to this point in his life; noting that he and his father watched and played football every chance that they could. 

At Centennial High School in Roswell, Georgia Brosmer was named the Regional Offensive Player of the Year, two-time North Georgia Offensive Player of the Week, All-Region First-Team, All-North Fulton Team, Centennial Player of the Year, and Georgia Sportswriter Association All-State Second Team. 

He has admitted in the past that the change from the Georgia sun to the New Hampshire winters was something to get used to. But the culture at UNH was something that couldn’t be denied. 

“I had a couple preferred walk-ons to different places down south. A lot of my offers were from Ivy Leagues in the northeast. UNH provided me with the best family environment. All the aspects of the football atmosphere and the people really brought me here.” 

Coach McDonnell is somebody who has created the culture of UNH Football, his absence however, hasn’t changed the way the program goes about its business according to Brosmer. 

“I feel like the culture stays around at UNH; I don’t think there’s a change in culture at all. All of the aspects that Coach Mac instilled in UNH will stay and will always be the same at UNH. To me I think they’re pretty similar dudes. Coach Santos and Coach Mac are fiery when they need to be. Mac is definitely a little different; he is fiery 100% of the time, that’s how he is, that’s who he is. Coach Santos is a little more laid back than that, don’t get me wrong though, he will definitely get fiery when he needs to.” 

Before last season, Coach Mac had taken this team to the playoffs 14 years in a row. Brosmer – an 18-year-old – has made it known that he had some nerves when he took over in the third quarter at Holy Cross. A program with such a resume will certainly be watched under a microscope, but Brosmer has only gained confidence with each passing week. 

“The nerves have definitely subsided a little bit. The big thing that I’ve been talking about is the support from my team, it really helps coming in as a freshman to have the backing of your offense and your whole team. That’s what’s helped me play within myself, just knowing I had the support from my team and that they had faith that I could do it, that allowed me to build on my confidence as well.” 

Brosmer even mentions how redshirt-freshman Bret Edwards has helped his progression. Edwards was named the week one starter at Holy Cross before Brosmer took over at halftime. 

“I made the point that we aren’t ourselves without each other. We don’t treat each other as one is the starter and one isn’t, it’s kind of a toss-up. That’s the only way that we’re going to get better. If we compete every week, then there’s going to be competition, there’s going to be friendly banter back-and-forth just to push each other to the starting spot. We’re not going to play to our full potential without pushing each other.” 

After dropping the first two games of the season, UNH has fought back to win their last two games in front of a home crowd. Heading into Homecoming weekend, Brosmer isn’t hanging on the past, he emphasized that the team is fully focused on this next game. 

“As a whole we were pretty confident coming out of that game, we definitely could’ve done some things better as an offense against Duquesne; the defense played outstanding. We’re going to keep playing our game, we have an extremely high confidence level coming off of two wins, but that’s in the past now. We’re onto Elon and we’re going to keep that same mindset and keep pushing forward.” 

Brosmer doubled down on this mindset when he was named the CAA Rookie of the Week; saying that he didn’t even know about it until his dad sent him a picture. 

“It was a moment of relief that showed that my hard work had paid off, but after that I didn’t really think much of it, you can’t really hang onto that for too long, otherwise you’re going to get too high. You have to make sure you stay even keel, otherwise you’re not going to perform at your best.” 

The question of motivation surrounds so many elite athletes, but Brosmer is a player who has no issue finding the motivation to perform at such a high level. 

“There are multiple things that motivate me; my family is one of them, my team also. I practice every week; I work my butt off every week for my team. They’re the motivating factor in me. My family as well, I want to show where I came from and my roots. But my team is my 100 percent focus every week.” 

As for his future after UNH, the quarterback has obvious aspirations of playing professional football. Whether that be in the NFL or CFL, like his predecessor, Trevor Knight. The quarterback is also on a pre-med track, setting himself up for a reliable fallback if football isn’t in the cards for him. 

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