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TNH café review: Baker’s Corner

The brand-new quaint and cozy bakery on the first corner of Madbury Road is no joke. Feeling like a kid in a candy store overwhelmed with delicious-looking choices, pastries, bagels, ice cream and the list goes on, I scanned the glass cases for the dessert that called to me. My eyes darting between cookies and doughnuts and cakes, I was left just like that kid, entirely indecisive but so eager to try every sugary treat in sight. 

I figured I’d ask for guidance, and owner Troy Brisard was very helpful in pointing me in the right direction. He said the raspberry square is always a favorite and that the whoopie pies are “to die for,” but he was sure to note that no one has actually died from eating them.  

I decided to go with a seasonal selection and try one of the apple cider doughnuts. It was so light and fluffy on the inside and had the perfect amount of crisp from the cinnamon sugar coated outer layer. It’s safe to say that I enjoyed this one, and I would have enjoyed a few more if I hadn’t recently eaten lunch. They’re so light that I’d definitely put away three or four on an empty stomach. 

I also had to go for one of the favorites that Brisard mentioned – the raspberry square. First off, it was a big guy and it was thick too, definitely good bang for your buck. The flakiness of the pastry was evident with the crumble it makes as you take each bite. It was incredibly sweet and sugary as you would expect, and that’s when the raspberry filling hits you with the tangy and tart flavor. It was much more filling than the doughnut, but just as enjoyable. 

To my relief, Baker’s Corner also has coffee. It was on the sweeter side, matching all their great treats, and they have a few flavor shot options to go with it like French vanilla, hazelnut and the seasonal pumpkin spice. It was smooth and I thought it was perfect with just a little bit of cream. Not too sweet with the flavor, but just right.  

I swear I didn’t eat this in the same sitting as the other treats – but let me tell you about the cheesecake because it was (no surprise here) delicious. It was incredibly rich and creamy and melted in my mouth with every bite. Junior psychology major Molly O’Shea said the taste reminded her of the episode of “Friends” where the cheesecake is so good they’re okay with eating it off the floor, saying “that’s what I think it tastes like.” 

Yet another upside to the delicious treats at Baker’s Corner: the prices are incredibly reasonable. For the square, the doughnut and a coffee I only paid about $7. With the apple cider doughnuts running at $1.50, you might as well just buy half a dozen if you stop by! I know that when I go back, I won’t be able to just buy one. The coffee was a huge upside for me as well because it was under $3 and still 24 ounces. For the quality and quantity of the coffee from Baker’s Corner, it gives other popular campus locations a run for their money. 

With all these thoughts running in my head and the sweet tastes still lingering on my taste buds, I sat in my sugar-induced happy place outside Baker’s Corner. While I packed up my things ready to head off for class, I watched a lady approach the store trying to corral a group of kids into the bakery. As they filtered in asking if they had ice cream, or what kind of cookies they have, I couldn’t help but be jealous that they’re about to get to experience the wonder I felt when I first stepped in there, and with that I left Baker’s Corner, anxiously awaiting my next visit. 

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