Museum of Art opening exhibit

Zach Lewis

The Museum of Art will be opening two new exhibits on August 29. These are Orly Cogan: Children of Eden and Andy Warhol: #NOFILTER. Orly Cogan is a multimedia artist that uses her art to express her views of the world. The Museum of Art describes her process. “Orly Cogan uses embroidery to transform vintage printed textiles into contemporary explorations of feminine archetypes and stereotypes.” Orly works from a myriad of backgrounds, “drawing upon historic events, pop-culture, fairy tales, and personal experiences, Cogan creates humorous and imaginative hand-stitched narratives that consider themes such as sexuality, feminism, domesticity, and power to portray the evolving role of women in society.” Orly Corgan will be speaking at the exhibit opening reception on Thursday, September 5 at 5 p.m. 

The next exhibit is Andy Warhol: #NOFILTER. Andy Warhol needs no introduction. He was one the world’s foremost artists of the twentieth century. He is widely known for his “Campbell Soup Cans” painting and the Marilyn Monroe silkscreen painting entitled “Marilyn Diptych.” On top of this, Andy Warhol made his entire life into an art exhibit. The Museum of Art mentions that, “From the 60’s to 1987, Andy Warhol carried a camera with him to document intimate and personal events and social engagements, or to create photographs for commercial purposes.” He definitely would have had an Instagram account. Andy Warhol was a larger than life figure, “a prescient artist infatuated by fame and a compulsive diarist, Warhol understood long before the internet the power of photography to cultivate, massage, and maintain a public persona.” The museum allows a sneak peek into his private life. “The exhibition includes behind the scenes black and white photographs of his friends and acquaintances, Polaroid images used for his silk-screen paintings, as well as, a selection of silkscreen prints.”  

Both exhibits will run until October 12. The Museum of Art holds multiple exhibits every year and is located within the Paul Creative Arts Center.