TNH staff class of ’19 farewell: Michael Mawson

TNH staff class of 19 farewell: Michael Mawson

Hannah Donahue

I’ve only been at TNH for the past year, but it’s been time that I’ve really enjoyed. Becoming the sports editor for TNH was probably the best decision I have made when it comes to my UNH career. As a journalism student, I’ve learned more from my time in the newsroom than I could ever hope to learn in the classroom. It’s been a really good experience.   

Being a transfer student, TNH is something that has helped me feel more connected with UNH.  

The newsroom is a funny place, I didn’t really know what to expect last April when I first applied. It can be hectic at times, especially in late October for sports when it seems like every single sport in the world is going on at the same time. There have been a lot of late nights that have turned into early mornings. Nothing feels better then grabbing that newest edition of the paper on Thursday off the newsstand and seeing all your hard work, it’s a really cool feeling.  

The memories I’ve had in my short time at the paper have been great. I’ve found friends in the people here and I’ll miss them all. 

Sam, my co-editor, will be happy to see me go. I’m undefeated in our weekly column showdown, I’ve been embarrassing him with my sports knowledge from day one.  

No worries, Sammy boy, I’ll pass the torch to you now. With me gone you can now dominate weekly in column showdown.  

Thank you for all the good times TNH, it’s been real.