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MOSAICO celebrates multiculturalism

This past Wednesday, the University of New Hampshire’s (UNH) Latino/Latina student organization MOSAICO held its sixth annual Mr/Mx/Ms cultural show in the Granite State Room in the Memorial Union Building (MUB). Contestants of the show were from various backgrounds and participated in order to showcase their national origins, forms of self-expression and the overall diversity of the organization and campus at large.
The judges of the show included Assistant Director of Residential Life Darnelle Bosquet- Fleurival, Jessie Doe Hall Director Zach Peterson and Fairchild Hall Director Kim Moncada, which is also known as the “International Connections-themed hall.” Throughout the evening, participants were judged in four categories: formal walk, talent, interview responses and a cultural walk. Various nations were represented throughout the evening. Included were students of Nepalese, Dominican, Tanzanian, Indonesian, Haitian, French, Vietnamese, English, Puerto Rican, Ecuadorian and American origin. In total, 12 students participated as contestants.
The host of the evening was junior Jake Ladipo, the Mx. winner for last year’s show. After introducing the contestants, Ladipo presented each talent: poetry, cultural dances, presentation of dessert, comedy, singing and rapping. In each act the participants gave the audience a glimpse into their personal experiences as individuals of multicultural backgrounds.
Light with humor, the interview section included questions that were both related and unrelated to the show’s purpose. “If you could be played by anyone in a film about your life, who would it be?” and “What is the scariest thing you have ever done?” are just a few that were randomly asked to all the contestants.
After the questions, the judges took an intermission to deliberate on the three winners. For every category, there would be one winner and a runner-up. During this time, both the audience members and contestants enjoyed themselves with refreshments and dancing.
Once the audience regathered after deliberation, the winners and runners-up were announced. France won the title of Mx. MOSAICO and Nepal won Mr. MOSAICO. After, a tie-breaker question was asked of the contestants representing Puerto Rico and Haiti: “If you were a teacher, what would you teach and why?” Haiti took home the tie-breaker, thus winning the title of Ms. MOSAICO.
With a final walk by all of the contestants holding their national flags, the audience was reminded that the intent of the event was to celebrate the various backgrounds that MOSAICO embodies and how we can all learn from one another’s life experiences.

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