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Fries: Ready, set, go!

From the Right

By Alex Fries

While the 2014 elections might be over for the most part, we are still waiting for the Louisiana Senate run off election. Luckily, we had the chance to celebrate Senator-elect Dan Sullivan’s win over the Democratic incumbent Mark Begich in the Alaska Senate race this week. Which brings the tally of seats won by the Republican Party up to eight. I’d also like to point out that Sen. Mitch Mcconnell was recently unanimously elected Senate Majority leader.

It is now up to these elected officials to put America back on track. It is monumentally important that the new Congress leads and puts forth legislation which benefits Americans.

However, for many the focus now shifts towards 2016. While 10 Democratic Senators are going to be on the ballot, 26 Republican Senators are also going to be on the ballot. The most interesting for New Hampshire, of course, is going to be the re-election campaign of Sen. Kelly Ayotte. Sen. Ayotte more than many others has done a great job reaching out to college students across the state.

However, the question many are asking is “Who will run for President?” As of now, one can only speculate who the candidates will be as there are many potential candidates. Many big-name Republicans have visited the Granite State over the course of the past election, politicians such as Sen.Rand Paul (R-KY), Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), Sen. John Mccain (R-AZ), and Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH) amongst many others.

More recently, former Texas Governor Rick Perry visited Keene and Plymouth, in addition to several other stops along the way. This was his second time visiting New Hampshire in the last couple of months.

I believe that within the next few months we will see several well known politicians “testing the waters” in our state. They will be paying particular attention to our college campuses. Especially because, under the great leadership of our College Republican National Committee and College Republican State Federation, we have laid the foundation to guarantee that we as Millennials need to be heard and courted just like any other age group. The numbers from the past election indicate that a very large proportion of the New Hampshire Millennials, 46 percent of college age students, voted Republican. We have shown that not only do we care about our future, America’s future, but also that we want to choose who to entrust our future to and, furthermore, that we believe the Republicans have our best interest in mind.

If you believe in a natural and organic economic growth; if you believe that our public sector government needs to be updated and downsized; if you believe that Washington is stuck, not America; if you believe that you should be making decisions about your future and not someone else; if you believe in the Republican message, then I would encourage you to join College Republicans.

Help spread the message. Help yourself and others meet the candidates and make an informed and confident decision for future voting. Together, we can make a change. Together we can ensure that our future is going to be bright and that our President is going to protect that future to the best of his abilities.

Alex Fries is a sophomore athletic training major and is the president of the UNH College Republicans. Follow Alex on Twitter @AJFriesNH.

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