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Fries: A win for America

From the Right

By Alex Fries

The 2014 election cycle is over, for the most part. It can be considered a great election cycle and not just for Republicans but also for all Americans.

Voters in New Hampshire and America have spoken. We have made it abundantly clear that we believe America is on the wrong track, that the efforts by the Democrats, or the lack thereof, have not been helping us — the people — but rather hurting us, and that we want America to be great again. It is time for us to turn America back around and make America once more that shining city on a hill.

Republicans achieved great victories across the country. We have proven the Democrats wrong. We are in no way, shape or fashion “a regional party,” we are not the party of “old white males.” We are the party of and for everyone. Republicans took over the majority in the Senate and finally made Harry Reid the minority leader. We captured a historic number of seats in the House. We were also able to celebrate victories for incredible gubernatorial candidates. However, we cannot be lazy now. We have to make sure we lead and not follow.

In New Hampshire, we managed to flip the Executive Council, increase our majority in the Senate and won back the House. We found and supported many fine people who served not only as our candidates, but also as our role models.

Personally, something I am very excited about is the fact that about 46 percent of the Millennial voters in New Hampshire voted for Republicans. I think that this is a perfect example of what many people have been saying for a long time. In particular, that Millennials are well-informed, rational and open to both political parties.

We are the informed generation — able to think, judge and ready to make a difference.

I would like to thank all these Millennials and every College Republican across New Hampshire for their hard work and endless dedication. I truly believe that all of this effort made a significant difference in the outcome of this election.

For myself, and for many others, it was a great couple months of campaigning. This was an experience that I will not only never forget, but one of those “once in a lifetime” experiences that you will treasure for the rest of your life. Never have I met such dedicated and motivated individuals. It was great seeing time and time again how friends and other college students fell in love with the candidates. Even though for some of you it might seem like “the battle was lost,” think again, because the “war” has just begun. I am convinced that these efforts were not useless and that all of our hard work was just the beginning of something much bigger and much better.

To all my fellow College Republicans out there, congratulations. We have made the first step in making important changes. We have sent a signal loud and clear that unbridled Democratic control over the youth (over this country!) is not something that needs to be tolerated and will, in fact, not be tolerated any longer.

Friends, take a deep breath, rest up and gather your strength because we have just begun to make a change. There is still work to be done for us, for our country and for our future.

Alex Fries is a sophomore athletic training major and is the president of the UNH College Republicans. Follow Alex on Twitter @AJFriesNH.

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