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Fries: It’s about us

From the Right

By Alex Fries

We have in the past all made decisions which have benefited our future. I, for my part, consider obtaining a high school degree, deciding to pursue a Bachelor’s degree and taking an active role in bettering my community a beneficial decision.

We also all make decisions that can hurt our future. We do not invest enough time in our schoolwork. We do not invest enough time in our relationships with others, and sometimes we do not even care about what is going on around us.

Something I wonder about is even though we occasionally make these bad choices, we still try to be committed to making good choices for our future. How is it that when it comes to making decisions, which could arguably have the biggest influences on our future, we completely ignore these decisions. One of those decisions I am talking about is when we cast our vote and make our voices heard on Nov. 4.

Voting is not something just old people do and voting is not something uncool; voting is monumentally important.

Voting is our way of making sure our voice is heard and the America of the future, our America, is going to be the very best place for us to pursue whatever we may chose to do.

In the past, many have considered the youth, every single one of us, as irrelevant. I believed that view was a thing of the past. I considered these times that we live in as times where we mattered, where we were one of the main reasons that our parents and others were pursuing a better future.

However, I was wrong. I was and am devastated by this revelation. Apparently, the people that promised hope and change, who promised that we mattered, who said that they are doing this so that we can live in a better America are the people who just use us to win. They actually do not care about us. The people I am talking about is the Democratic Party and their elected officials.

According to the Chairman of the New Hampshire Democratic Party, it isn’t worth coming to where we are, namely college campuses. It is not worth it, but it is not an attempt to talk to voters. The only way to talk to voters is everywhere besides college campuses, just like the Democratic candidates for higher office are doing.

I encourage all of you to reflect upon who has tried to reach out to us, to talk to us about what’s important to us, and how we think we need to fix the problems we face on a daily basis. The answer is the candidates that are Republican.

Candidates like Scott Brown, Walt Havenstein, Frank Guinta, Marilinda Garcia and many others have made a major attempt to reach out to us young voters. They sought us out in the MUB, at Huddleston Hall, and even at football games. They debated us on all the issues, regardless of what they were or how strongly we felt about them. This unprecedented effort has resulted in the Republican candidates receiving scalding criticism from their opponents — our opponents — the Democrats. Yet, the Republican decision to listen to us, the “Millenials” was not a folly, not a party, not a joke; it was a right decision. They have proven to us over and over again that they are not only qualified, but they are committed to making choices to create a better future for us.

I and many others our age are going to vote Republican come Nov. 4. Join with us and choose a better future for yourself.

Alex Fries is a sophomore athletic training major and is the president of the UNH College Republicans. Follow Alex on Twitter @AJFriesNH.

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