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Free parking hours to decrease

Bret Belden April 22, 2017

University of New Hampshire students will face parking rule changes next semester after the final Transportation Policy Committee meeting of the year decided unanimously to pass enhanced restrictions....

Parking predicament: Department of Transportation facing changes

Bret Belden April 13, 2017

Parking enforcement rules at visitor lots may see a change next semester. The UNH Transportation Policy Committee will take a vote this week as to whether or not the proposal will go forward. The visitor...

Farewell Column: The Current

Bret Belden April 7, 2017

I can’t go through a journalism class without mentioning this newspaper. It’s changed my life. So how can I not go on about it? There have been moments throughout the past two years that I’ve been...

Carley Rotenberg: the course of action

Bret Belden April 7, 2017

Carley Rotenberg won the student body president election this past weekend. After a year serving as vice president under President Jonathan Dean, Rotenberg will assume office later this semester and continue...

Student body candidates go head to head in Tuesday debate

Bret Belden March 30, 2017

The student body election is underway after a debate between the candidates covering everything from freezing student tuition cost to sustaining free speech on campus took place on Tuesday night. During...

Loving ‘Logan’

Bret Belden March 27, 2017

Spoilers. James Mangold, director of “Logan,” made several remarks recently detailing his dissatisfaction with Marvel’s Avengers and its many offshoots. Essentially, he described movies that he...

‘Walking to the Sun’

Bret Belden March 27, 2017

UNH Professor Jaed Coffin introduced his peer Tom Haines at a Faculty Fellow Talk titled “Walking to the Sun: A 21st Century Journey” on Thursday, March 23, by saying that Haines has been writing his...

Students challenge universities’ first amendment limitations

Bret Belden March 9, 2017

The first amendment of the United States Constitution reads, “Congress shall make no law… abridging the freedom of speech.” A law that Joshua Fox, among others on campus, wants to extend further...

Shaking the Stigma

Bret Belden March 6, 2017

This is the first time I’ll have ever said that I have social anxiety in a public format. I used to be unable to tell my family members, let alone friends or complete strangers about it. It’s a shame...

State legislation prohibiting out-of-state voting pending

Bret Belden February 27, 2017

The New Hampshire State House is currently considering several bills that would impact voting and election laws in the state. Students, along with many others, would be highly affected by these new bills...

Oscars Outlook

Bret Belden February 27, 2017

     By publication, we’ll know who won the Oscars. “La La Land,” “Moonlight,” or “Manchester by the Sea.” My money is on “Moonlight,” but I wouldn’t be shocked if the celebrate...

TNH alumni series: Ali Jurta

Bret Belden February 20, 2017

Ali Jurta | Class of ’93 | Editor-in-Chief Ali Jurta arrived to the University of New Hampshire campus in 1989 knowing exactly what she wanted to do. For the next four years, she would rise through...

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