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Trump: Next president?

Bret Belden March 31, 2016

Alright people get your pitchforks and torches ready. I can already hear a mob of people gathering outside my window. I’m going to make this quick so that I can find a safe place to hide. This will come...

Sematakaki debuts in Hennessy Theater

December 9, 2015

By Lia Windt Multimedia Editor “A picture’s worth a thousand words” is a cringe-worthy phrase because of how desperately it has been overused. However, it is the simplest way to describe the way...

But…it’s educational

December 8, 2015

By Lia Windt In order to help students grasp complex ideas, teachers tend to use visual examples in order to help students understand theories. With physics, and especially the bizarre physics of the universe,...

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