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Possible strategies for implementing a ‘Digital First’ philosophy

Bret Belden December 7, 2016

As stated in previous articles by myself and The New Hampshire (TNH) Executive Editor Allison Bellucci, our organization’s business plan will be switching up for the 2017-18 academic year to include...

Graduate School Assistant Dean discusses opportunities

Bret Belden December 1, 2016

The UNH Graduate School has over 100 programs on campus, according to Assistant Dean Dovev Levine. In those programs, he said that there are about “150 to maybe 175 students” doing accelerated master’s...

Why TNH is adapting to a ‘Digital First’ philosophy

Bret Belden November 21, 2016

The New Hampshire (TNH) Executive Editor Allison Bellucci announced in the editorial published in last Monday’s issue on Nov. 14 that our student-run news organization will be making a big change to...

GOT J-term?

Bret Belden November 3, 2016

The UNH January term (J-term) course schedule became available to students on Friday, Oct. 15 and registration opened on Monday, Oct. 24. Having survived midterms, it’s time for students to consider...

UNH community juggling more than just classes

Bret Belden October 20, 2016

Every Monday from 7-9 p.m. in the Memorial Union Building (MUB), the UNH Juggling Club meets to practice new tricks, hang out with friends and encourage beginners. Above all, they meet for fun; to take...

On the Spot with President Mark Huddleston

Bret Belden October 10, 2016

Full President Huddleston Interview Interviewed on Tuesday, October 4 at 9 a.m. at Thompson Hall Interviewed by Interviewed by Staff Writers Van Hendrickx and Mark Kobzik, Executive Editor Allison Bellucci...

Venue review: Brooklyn's Knitting Factory

Bret Belden October 6, 2016

While the majority of UNH students either partied or slept last Friday night, both in preparation for Homecoming, I was bee-lining it with videographer “Mitch Muscles” to Brooklyn, New York for an...

TNH Travels: My weekend trip to Bermuda, part II

Bret Belden October 6, 2016

continued from TNH Issue Six…. Three weeks ago now, on Sept. 16-18, I ditched my stressful student schedule and spent the weekend in Bermuda visiting my boyfriend, Kade Stallard, and his family of island...

TNH Travels: My weekend trip to Bermuda

Bret Belden September 22, 2016

I took time off from work and academics this past weekend to do something spontaneous and spent two nights in Bermuda visiting my boyfriend, Kade Stallard and his family, who are island locals. I flew...

Where to eat on campus: A guide to UNH's dining halls

Bret Belden August 26, 2016

There is no shortage of places to eat here at the University of New Hampshire. There are all types of dining locations, with everything from restaurants downtown, to grab-and-go stores like Zeke’s Café...

UNH alumna, Elizabeth Marro, publishes debut novel

Bret Belden April 21, 2016

Ten years, multiple drafts, thousands of pages and countless headaches went into the making of UNH alumna Elizabeth Marro’s debut novel, “Casualties.”  Marro, of the class of ’78, is returning...

Meet Mx. Mosaico 2015: Ali Durkin

December 8, 2015

By Emily Young Contributing Writer This year’s and first ever-reigning Mx. MOSAICO, Ali Durkin may be the most unconventional pageant winner since Miss Congeniality. Durkin won over both the judges and...

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