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Ways to eat when in Durham

Hannah Donahue August 27, 2020
Hunger is a powerful factor, probably one of our most basic instincts. I know when I forget to eat, my concentration starts to break and I snap at anyone who comes near me.

Take A ‘Journey’ With Me

Hannah Donahue May 10, 2020
It might be an understatement to say that everything kind of sucks right now. In this dark time, Sony offered a small light in the form of the Play At Home initiative, giving away two free games on the PlayStation 4 to encourage gamers to stay inside and away from the essential business of GameStop.
Release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons worth the wait

Release of ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ worth the wait

Hannah Donahue March 29, 2020
The game of the decade was released last week, I’m calling it now. “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” was released on the Nintendo Switch, the latest iteration in the Animal Crossing series that has come eight years after the release of its predecessor “Animal Crossing: New Leaf,” and it was well worth the wait.

Pandemic-related movies to watch over spring break

Hannah Donahue March 12, 2020
Spring break is finally here, a time for enjoyment and travel. Many students will be busy visiting family or trying to take advantage of cheap flights. But for those of us who only expected to relax this week taking it easy at home or maybe had travel plans that have wound up cancelled, well, we have lots of free time with the potential for much more in the coming weeks. Why not sit back and enjoy a few movies for escapism?
The frantic, artistically-accomplished chaos of Uncut Gems

The frantic, artistically-accomplished chaos of ‘Uncut Gems’

Hannah Donahue March 5, 2020
“Uncut Gems” was one of Adam Sandler’s more serious roles, breaking from his tradition of comedic films for something more on the thriller side.
Depression, puppets and comedy: The droll poise of John Poveromo

Depression, puppets and comedy: The droll poise of John Poveromo

Hannah Donahue March 5, 2020
Curlies Comedy Club in Rochester, NH, is going to be starring a familiar face on Friday, March 6 and Saturday, March 7 when comedian John Poveromo brings his stand-up act to the stage.

Game review: ‘Bleeding Edge’ beta

Hannah Donahue February 20, 2020
A Norwegian black metal star who has the equivalent of a flamethrower for a mouth. A British history professor whose soul was digitized and put into a robotic snake who now controls his own corpse. A Russian ballerina who was turned into a spy after getting cybernetic appendages—which are bird legs.
UNH Students for Global Health journeys to Nepal

UNH Students for Global Health journeys to Nepal

Hannah Donahue February 13, 2020
Over the winter break, students from the University of New Hampshire (UNH) Students for Global Health (SGH) organization embarked on a 14-hour flight out of Boston Logan Airport that culminated in an 18-day stay in Nepal that was dedicated to learning about women empowerment and menstrual health.

Game review: “Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen”

Hannah Donahue February 13, 2020
Love Nikki is the dress-up game from hell, yet I have spent the majority of my college life ideally playing it, trying to appease an overly-judgmental cat with outfits that just got more and more ridiculous as the game went on.

Dorm room recipe: pizza in a mug

Hannah Donahue February 6, 2020
Last semester, I got lazy with my food. I don’t live too far from Holloway Commons but when it’s cold and I just took a shower, I don’t want to drag myself across the street and risk becoming a human popsicle.

Death of UNH student inspires new bill

Hannah Donahue February 6, 2020
A food allergy bill that was inspired by the death of Rachel Hunger, a University of New Hampshire (UNH) student who died after entering cardiac arrest after eating an egg roll she did not know contained peanuts, is working its way through committee.
The Odyssey Project celebrates women in art

‘The Odyssey Project’ celebrates women in art

Bret Belden November 7, 2019
UNH Museum of Art holds reception for exhibit "The Odyssey Project: An Old Story For Modern Times"
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