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TNH Fashions: Practical Prep

Bret Belden March 31, 2017

For those of you who dress comfortably, suitably for an adventure of sorts and wear your smile the loudest and proudest, then welcome to my sense of style! My style is one that doesn’t necessarily involve...

Homicide investigation remains ongoing

Bret Belden March 30, 2017

The investigation into the March 11 homicide of a man within .2 miles of the UNH Woodside Apartments remains ongoing. The Durham Police Department received a call shortly after 1 a.m. on Saturday, March...

Two violent crimes committed in Durham over break

Bret Belden March 23, 2017

In the early days leading up to and beginning what UNH students knew to be spring break, Durham experienced two successive counts of violent crime. The first event of violent crime was as an alleged...

Women of the newsroom

Bret Belden March 9, 2017

Yesterday, March 8, was International Women’s Day, a worldwide event celebrating women’s achievements. Since the early 1900s, this day has been observed and is not affiliated with any one group, but...

University continues to prohibit firearms on campus

Bret Belden March 9, 2017

New Hampshire has long prided itself on its state motto, “Live free or die,” due to its intent to allow its citizens to live responsibly apart from government interference. And though the freedom...

Pancake breakfast with Sen. Maggie Hassan stresses the threat climate change poses for the NH maple syrup industry

Bret Belden February 24, 2017

Though weather may be a normal topic of conversation for breakfast on any given day, nearly 100 students, faculty and community members engaged in an entirely new morning weather discussion with a side...

Off-campus student housing fails to provide recycling

Bret Belden February 14, 2017

Recycling and sustainability have become an ever-increasing concern for the Durham community at large, leading the town to implement a clause in the conditions of approval for the newest commercial complexes...

Completed Hamel Rec. Center renovations place focus on full-wellness approach

Bret Belden January 30, 2017

Upon its creation in 1995, the University of New Hampshire’s first recreation center had never been considered a completed project. After 22 years of deliberation, student senate resolutions and design...

New director of dining outlines plans for the future

Bret Belden December 5, 2016

After an 18-year career at UNH, Jon Plodzik departed from the university to begin a new chapter of his life as director of dining services at Dartmouth College in Hanover. After a series of rigorous interviews,...

International Food Luncheon brings food and diversity

Bret Belden November 21, 2016

Gastronomy, the art of preparing edible dishes, has connected individuals of different cultures for centuries. The consumption and appreciation of phenomenal food may arguably be the best way to connect...

Trump triumphant, campus devastated

Bret Belden November 10, 2016

Majority of UNH students shocked by Donald Trump’s victory in the 2016 election  Throughout the history of the United States of America, there have been 44 influential men who have fiercely led this...

Minnesota Senator Al Franken visits campus to campaign for close friend Hillary Clinton

Bret Belden November 7, 2016

The UNH College Democrats welcomed former Saturday Night Live (SNL) writer and current Minnesota Senator Al Franken on Thursday, Nov. 3 and hosted him in room 233 of the Memorial Union Building (MUB)...

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