Letters to the Editor on SBP elections

Bret Belden

As students, we pay a hefty sum of money for four years of collegiate education and, fingers crossed, a degree at the end of it. As a result, Durham becomes our home for four years. When a place becomes your home, you care about its wellbeing. And if there’s a problem at home you or your neighbors, you want it fixed. We have a lot invested in our community, and though I’m proud to call the University of New Hampshire my home, there’s still many issues that need fixing and there is much to be improved.

The week before spring break, a bill came to the New Hampshire State Senate which would limit out of state students from voting in New Hampshire elections despite living in New Hampshire for the entire academic year. The week before spring break, many students were busy sudying for midterms, or making plans for the vacation. The week before spring break, Elena Ryan was in Concord testifying on behalf of students. Jose Calvo serves as the philanthropy chairperson for the fraternity Phi Mu Delta, which involves planning charity events and fundraisers. Both have been incredibly active in student activities. Both have been listening to the concerns of students for three years. To me, all of this shows  how committed both Elena and Jose are to helping and engaging with students and the community.

We all do our part to make sure that our community is a better place. But I’ve seen the work that Elena and Jose have done for the student body. I’ve seen the hours that each of them have put into working toward finding solutions to tough problems. I know that they do it because they, too, view this place as their home and their fellow students as their neighbors and as their friends. That’s why I’m asking for you to consider voting for Elena Ryan and Jose Calvo in the upcoming student body elections. If you’re unsure, reach out to them. Tell them concerns – tell them what you want fixed in your community. They’ll listen, and the importance of that cannot be overstated.

Jake Adams

Student Activity Fee

Committee Chairperson

Over the course of the past three years at UNH, I have had the privilege of serving in Student Senate in various capacities, and have had the chance to work with different student body presidents and learn about the different responsibilities they have. I wholeheartedly believe that Elena Ryan and Jose Calvo will make an outstanding student body president and vice president. I am extremely proud to support them and I look forward to casting my vote for them.

During her time at UNH, Elena Ryan has dedicated herself to fighting for the rights and freedoms of all students. While legislators in Concord are trying to pass legislation to restrict the voting rights of students, Elena Ryan has fought tirelessly to defend the right of every student to participate in the democratic process. I served with Elena as co-President of the UNH College Democrats. As co-President, Elena utilized her leadership skills to lead a campaign which saw UNH students vote in record numbers during this past election. While working on campaigns with her, I saw Elena passionately advocate for issues that affect young people, particularly higher education policy and voting rights. She helped bring thousands of students into the political process who otherwise would not have participated.

I serve as community development chair for Student Senate. During this semester Elena has served on the Community Development Council and has been instrumental in advocating for the issues our council is pushing for. She has worked to combat bias incidents on campus, support international students on campus and revise Housing and Residential Life’s anti-discrimination policies. Elena is an outstanding advocate for social justice, and as a member of the Community Development Council she has been a strong voice for the rights of all students.

It has been such a privilege over these past three years to work with Elena and observe her incredible leadership skills. I’ve seen her advocate on behalf of students with passion, conviction, courage and purpose. Simply put, she is the ideal student body president.

I’ve also had the privilege of getting to know José Calvo. I first met José when he joined Phi Mu Delta last year. As soon as he joined, he immediately took on leadership roles in the chapter. He is constantly looking for new ways to serve the student body, and make our campus a more equitable place. I believe that José will thrive in the position of student body vice president.

I’m so proud to know Elena and Jose, and I’ve been deeply honored to have the chance to work with such dedicated public servants. I have absolutely no doubt that Elena and José will be outstanding representatives for our student body. I hope all students will look into Elena and José’s platform and join me in supporting their campaign.

Doug Marino

Community Development


UNH Student Senate