TNH takes on Smuttynose’s 1866 ale

Bret Belden

As journalists, we know that honesty and integrity are vital to reporting the news, and so, we have to be honest: we, as an editorial staff, don’t know that much about beer. Still, when Smuttynose releases a UNH-themed ale, one does not simply not try it (permitting that one is 21, that is).So, highly unqualified as we may be, some of the legal-aged members of the TNH Editorial Staff sampled the session ale and are happy to report that, at least to our unrefined pallets, it’s a good brew. A message on the can promises that the beer, like UNH, is “borne of New Hampshire’s rugged character, innovative spirit and unbounded opportunities,” and I’ve gotta say, I felt pretty darn rugged popping open a can at 4 p.m. on a weekday. In my defense, it was for “work.”

For the real low-down on this Smuttynose brew, keep an eye on TNH for an upcoming feature article by staff photographer Brendon Burns. In the meantime, you can grab a sixer of the 1866 ale right in Durham Hannafords, or hunt down one of the select local restaurants or bars serving the beer.  Drink responsibly, and raise a glass for our beautiful university’s 150th anniversary. Cheers, Wildcats!