The future is February

Bret Belden

It’s time to buckle down. February is upon us and deadlines are near. If you are a Wildcat looking for an internship or future job, this is the month to do it. Each year, students from every major seize summer internships while graduates land positions in their desired job field. If you are someone new to the process, there could be a lot of confusion and stress. But, if you start with time to spare and become proactive in the pursuit, you are on the right track.

An internship is a great way to get a head start into the future “real world” of post UNH graduation. Building a resumé is important, especially in a time when getting a job can be competitive. One of the first things to do is to create a resumé, cover letter and develop a LinkedIn account. These are three key necessities to applying for a job. Once you have perfected all three, looking for places and companies that seem to match your interests can begin. One great resource that UNH has to offer is the UNH Career Center. They can help and support internship and job seekers through the process, by conducting mock interviews, help ing create and review a resumé and assisting a student with any other questions or road blocks that one comes across.

Being from a state university, there are many alumni on the seacoast and in the Boston area. Connecting with these fellow Wildcats can provide advice from a professionals in the field who similarly found a job after graduating from UNH. That being said, when searching for an internship or job, looking in the area can be very beneficial since employers are almost certain to know the university and have had hired other students. Living in Durham during the summer is an experience I personally hope all ‘Cats can have. Don’t forget that professors, lecturers and TAs can be great people to discus opportunities with.

Applying to internships and jobs is very similar to applying to college. Although that amazing top-internship is something to reach for and should definitely be applied to, it is important to remember that it is a competitive world out there. Looking into many different opportunities is crucial. The deadline for the majority of summer gigs is coming up, and if you hear “no” back from your top choice, your chances of finding another opportunity could be low. Focusing on three or more applications will give one more security in insuring a position.

At the end of the day, one of the best pieces of advice is to just be yourself. When interviewing or writing a cover letter, be sure to include bits about yourself often. Forget the other applicants; the best way to distinguish yourself is to be confident and aspirational. Good luck and get to it! The future is waiting.