Changes in GPEP formatting to be made soon

Bret Belden

All UNH sorority and fraternity organizations are required to submit campus involvement forms on Wildcatlink in order to stay in good standing with the Greek Performance and Excellence Program (GPEP). Each sorority and fraternity must pass the GPEP standards annually; otherwise it’s three strikes and they’re out.

The program is used to benchmark five different pillars: membership development, intellectual development, community and philanthropy, campus and leadership development, and accountability and risk management.

Memorial Union Building (MUB) and Student Activities Director MaryAnne Lustgraaf recently discussed upcoming changes in the submission of GPEP online. Every year, students come in to say what does and what doesn’t work by filling out simple forms to quickly explain their organization’s campus involvement.

“They’re as long as a tweet and nobody has difficulty with that,” Lustgraaf said.

Lustgraaf said that UNH was one of the first universities to put this system in place. She said that administration members, advisors, headquarters and students were involved in the system’s design.

 According to Lustgraaf, the biggest concern that came forward this year was about why the sorority and fraternity members have to “submit things that don’t change every year.”  In the next month, Lustgraaf will work with newly elected sorority and fraternity officers and councils to finalize the formatting changes.

The goal is to make Wildcatlink GPEP submission forms more organized and easier to follow.

“These things are important to be kept up to date so every year [sorority and fraternity organizations] are going to attest to it,” Lustgraaf said.

Lustgraaf said that there is no need to upload officer descriptions. She said that the duty of form submissions shouldn’t fall on one person, such as the president or vice president, but that all event-organizing members should take part in filling them out.

The hope for next year is to come up with new point values.

“The five pillars will still be the same,” Lustgraaf said.  “The most points are always going to be in academics, because that’s what we are.”

According to Lustgraaf, there will be a sorority and fraternity leadership conference the first week of February 2017 with the newly initiated presidents and officers elected in upcoming weeks.

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