Letter to the Editor: A letter to all people who respect Women

Bret Belden

During the final debate, Donald Trump made it clear that if elected, he will appoint Supreme Court Justices who will overturn Roe v. Wade. During the next four years, Trump-appointees will shift the balance of power of the Supreme Court to the extreme right, impacting our daughters, our granddaughters and possibly our great granddaughters. Women would no longer be allowed to make the most personal decisions about their lives and their bodies. Hillary made it clear that government has no business interfering with these most intimate, and often excruciating, personal decisions. A Trump presidency would also mean that we have elected, as leader of the free world, a man who has a long record of abusing women. Sexually offensive boasting about his predatory behavior (that he excuses as “locker room talk”) did not occur in a locker room. It does not belong in a locker room or outside the locker room. Trump is now threatening to sue the women, victims of his predatory behavior, who have been brave enough to step forward to challenge his denials. We cannot elect as a role model for our children a man who abuses women, insults minorities and makes fun of the disabled. What would that say about who we are as a nation? Your decision this November couldn’t be more stark, nor your vote more critical. Do you want to make history by electing the first woman president, a president who will stand up for the rights of all people regardless of color, religion, gender and sexual orientation, or do you want to turn back progress by electing a man who treats women and minorities as second-class citizens?  Please vote for the values our country was founded on. Please vote for progress.