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November’s choice

It didn’t take long for me to root for Hillary Clinton in that awful debate last week. I’ve rooted against Donald Trump ever since he challenged Barack Obama’s birthplace. He is a small minded, small handed egomaniac who has never had a decent moment in his entire pathetic life. He is a loser. But somehow, someway in this shockingly depressing campaign season with two of the most hated people to ever run for president, Trump actually might win. I personally wouldn’t put it past this country and sometimes (or a lot of the time) you just have to wonder what the elites were thinking when they nominated Clinton.
The debate started off with sniffles and calm voices that quickly turned into Trump interrupting Clinton and Clinton clearly uncomfortable, having to deal with such an unorthodox opponent. Clinton, with all of her vulnerabilities, looked like she was in for a long night until Trump started telling everyone to call Sean Hannity about a conversation they had more than 10 years ago where he apparently said he was against the war. To me, I don’t really care what a celebrity faux billionaire had to say about the Iraq War. In my opinion, Clinton’s decision to not only vote, but cheer on the war is much more important. Trump did come out in support, but Clinton had a clear hand in it.
On other topics such as trade, Clinton clearly couldn’t hold her ground against Trump. She has supported the Trans Pacific Parternship (TPP) while secretary of state and there is no way around it. Trump, since the inception of his campaign, has been vocally opposed. The TPP  will be devastating for the working class in this country and both candidates if elected will sign it. We’ll just have to hear their excuses when it happens.
I’ve highlighted some of these policies because I am deeply disappointed that these are our candidates. One is an establishment Democrat who has been in Washington for more than 25 years and is showing little movement toward the future of Democratic politics. The other is a mumbling white supremacist maniac who will single handedly destroy this country. Mike Pence will do all the work. Trump will keep his hands on the nuclear codes, ride around on Air Force One and insult foreign leaders. He will pass any piece of legislation the extremist group known as the Republican Party puts on his desk and will abandon the white working class that could get him elected. This is what will happen. Oh, and climate change will be further ignored.
The flip side to this debacle is Clinton. Certainly not the worst thing to ever happen to the country. We’ve had bad presidents before and she won’t be one of them. She’ll just be another status quo president who will elect sane Supreme Court justices, but other than that will not choose to seriously oppose the injustices we face as a people in this country. Namely income and race inequality and climate change. She’ll be leagues ahead of Trump and the Republicans but I fear that the GOP will hold strong in the Senate and House and Clinton will get little done. Her foreign policy will also be worse than Obama’s and that is something to fear. Even more support for Israel and no support for Palestine. More intervention in the Middle East and more drone strikes. Let’s not focus on climate change. Let’s do more wars.
The American people deserve better. They deserve Bernie Sanders. The 21st century FDR. A man who could’ve had the strength and perseverance for the most threatening issue of our time: climate change. No, terrorism is nowhere near the threat of climate change. Not even a little bit. Through fear and propaganda, the U.S. government has convinced the American people otherwise but the fact remains that just last week it was announced we passed the tipping point officially. No matter what we do, we will still face the extreme and life altering effects of climate change. Clinton will do little to stop it, but little is better than doing nothing. I called Republicans an extremist group because that is what they are. Willing to ignore science for donations from Exxon Mobile and other energy corporations will categorize you as an extremist group in my book. Especially if your House Speaker thinks Ayn Rand is a genius and your presidential nominee does interviews with Alex Jones.
Don’t vote third party. It is a wasted vote. I have thought a long while on this subject and I don’t base this assertion purely out of my fear and loathing of Trump. We are voting against the white male conservatives who still want to hold onto this country as if it wasn’t anyone else’s. Trump is the epitome of that. We must reject that and vote for Clinton because she is better. In politics, the lesser of evils is better. Even Noam Chomsky, a friggin’ socialist is on board with that mentality. When you go to the polls in November, don’t ever forget that you’re voting for generations ahead of us. Clinton might not be great, but she is all we have between ourselves and an orangutan Nazi taking the Oval Office.

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