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For the Boys: Alumni duo set to release new album

“I think anyone that knows us can agree that we’re pretty easily amused, it doesn’t take much these days,” Jig & Funk member Elliot Tousley said.
The Jig & Funk duo is made up of Anthony Fiel, better known as “Jiggy Tone,” and Elliot Tousley, better known as “Funk Tous.” Their most recent album is titled “Easily Amused.”
’Saturdays Are For The Boys’ is one of the leading singles from the new album, and ever since it was posted up on Barstool people have been really liking it,” Tousley said in an email on behalf of the duo.]
“The overall vibe of the album is really just us having a good time, partying with our friends and a lot of us trying to explain the fact that we’re only 24 years old and aren’t looking to settle down at this point in our lives just yet,” the email said.
Fiel and Tousley said that the album title was inspired by their own personalities. “We own the fact that we’re goofy white dudes who live on the beach that are always going out and doing funny [stuff], but also prove that when it comes down to it, we can create the music that’ll turn some heads and fill venues.”
“In the eight plus years of working together as artists and being friends, we’ve both experienced some things that have lead us to thinking the way we do. A lot of that is seen in this tape whether it be relationships, having some friends fall through the cracks and losing touch with [them], and just an overall sense of figuring out who, at the end of the day, is really going to be there for you,” the email said.
This summer, Jig & Funk played about 10-12 shows in a variety of venues. In Portsmouth they’ve played at the Birdseye Lounge, as well as the Thirsty Moose and the Press Room. They have also played at the Brick House in Dover and Penuche’s Ale House in Concord, to name a few. “We definitely had a blast seeing the new fans coming out to see us everywhere we went, usually gathering about 250 people per show.”
The band wants their fans to know that they write all their own lyrics and mix their albums themselves, and then record their music in their beach house studio at North Beach in Hampton. “We take a lot of pride in being really hands on with the material we put out. We know how far we have come, and we really believe in the vision going forward, and we know that we have something worth putting our time into,” the email said.
Jig & Funk is currently putting together a winter schedule  for new shows. They said to expect new videos following the album’s release.
Fans and interested listeners can check out “Easily Amused” on Spotify, Apple Music, the iTunes Music Store, Tidal and any other music streaming website.
“We will also be sure to come back to the alma matter to give away a bunch of free copies of the CD,” said Tousely. “So if you see us around on campus don’t hesitate to come and say ‘what’s up.’”

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