Shaking the establishment

Bret Belden

People are pissed. Americans, who are for the most part are lazy and apathetic voters, turned out in Iowa on Feb. 1 and in New Hampshire on Feb. 9 to send one hell of a wake-up call to both the GOP and Democratic establishments.

This election cycle wasn’t even supposed to be close, at least on the Democratic side. And the Republican National Committee was certainly not banking on Donald Trump—or Donny T., as I like to call him—to ruin the party. I say party in the sense of the political party and party in the sense of sending someone out to defeat Clinton. Reince Priebus (what a great name), head of RNC, is currently in panic mode when he should have been launching his full-out assault against Donny T. months ago. This is something you do quickly. Now they’re reaping the benefits.

Donald Trump just massacred his competition in New Hampshire last Tuesday. For a guy who’s so obsessed with winning and lost the Iowa Caucus, he had to come out swinging in New Hampshire and destroy the people he’s been making fun of for the past several hundred years. Okay, it’s not been that long, but compared to the rest of the world, our reality TV program…I mean democratic process is way too long. I can’t swear, but if I could I would. Anyway, Donny T. beat down Kasich, Cruz, Rubio and Bush (the little turtle that could). Now he’s the winner and all of his rhetoric and promises of glory are coming to fruition. Will it last? Probably not. But we can’t keep saying that for too long.

Trump has access to the media, a populist message for everyone who is white and, of course, has deep pockets. If Cruz isn’t the one to bring this game to a stop, maybe it’s Kasich. More likely Rubio. But he just got embarrassed for being a robot. Bush? He’s got the money for now, but when will his bank rollers get sick of fourth place? These are all important questions I can’t answer. All I can say is that Trump is on top of the world right now.

The GOP will have to rally if they’re serious about getting the prototypical moderate in the ring. But this campaign season has been about really only one thing. Not policy or politics.  It’s been dominated by personality, and Trump has an authentic personality that all those other candidates and all their practice can’t copy. He’s the anti-PC crusader who can say whatever the hell he wants with no apparent repercussions. He understands his crowds more than any other politician I’ve ever seen. That’s why, even if I hate the guy, I can understand why angry people think he’s the answer. Not justifying here, just rationalizing what’s happening.

Bernie, the messenger of love, the democratic socialist from Vermont, destroyed Clinton in the New Hampshire Democratic primary by a margin of 22 points. Sen. Sanders also became the first Jewish candidate to ever win a primary, and that’s something we should all be proud of. Unfortunately, it only took us like 240 years, and it sure makes me wonder why it’s taken this long. Anyway, his message and personality rings with authenticity and the grassroots movement. The Clinton headquarters must be in freak out mode.

The coronation process was all planned and everything would have been okay if it weren’t for those rotten kids. Literally, those rotten kids like an episode of “Scooby Doo.” Bernie took the young vote by an embarrassing margin.

This voting thing isn’t even close to being over. We have months to go before even electing a nominee for both parties. We will have to see if populists Bernie and Trump can keep rolling or if the moderates will come out on top. We will have to watch CNN and that horrible orgy of graphics and displays and hours of John King pointing to things on a screen. And don’t forget Wolf Blitzer announcing “Breaking News.”

I’ll stop torturing you and be on my way. Go out and vote. Be involved. And hopefully you can drown out all the noise and read a book or enjoy a good television show. I recommend any of the following: “Game of Thrones” (my favorite), “Mad Men,” “Breaking Bad,” “Hannibal,” “Twin Peaks,” or “Orange is the New Black.” That should hold you over until November.