December 3, 2018

Twenty-four years ago, a UNH cop changed my son’s and my lives forever when I was a student and single mother pursuing a bachelor’s degree in political science. That cop was none other than UNH Police Chief Paul Dean. Thank you, Chief Dean, for being a shining example of all that is good in law enforcement. UNH is lucky to have you at the helm. Full disclosure: I was actually parked illegally on the sidewalk in a part of Forest Park that no longer exists (high dorms are now there). Also, my son had minor dental surgery for an abscessed tooth. Hilarious that I minimized the events for rhyming effect and self-preservation.

Five years after this event, I became a UNH cop where I proudly served until 2005 when I resigned to concentrate on law school. I now work at a non-profit in Massachusetts. I’m proud to share that this Christmas Tale has come full circle. That little boy who looked up to all those cop “elves” is now grown and a federal law enforcement officer aka cop himself.

Last year, I received the most precious gift from my son: a picture of him with Santa and a little boy that looked up to my son the same way he looked up to Chief Dean all those years ago. I am grateful, blessed, and overjoyed to share the side of law enforcement that is not often enough illuminated, its heart. Happy Holidays to all! Enjoy.

By Sabrina R. Bohun, Esq.

UNH Alumna

Sabrina R. Bohun