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Democratic State Reps. reelected in Strafford District 6


The five incumbent Democratic State Representative candidates of Strafford District 6 were reelected late Tuesday night by a wide margin of votes.  

Rep. Janet Wall and Rep. Timothy Horrigan braved the cold at Durham’s polling place at Oyster River High School as their final campaigning effort, holding totem signs and asking for the votes of Durham residents as they headed in to cast their ballot. 

Confident in the turnout, Rep. Wall said in an interview with The New Hampshire, “I’m very excited about the race, I can’t wait to hear the good news tonight and hope that great things will happen for our country and bring us back to where we need to be and move us forward. This has been a very contentious time and it is time for things to settle down and have some normalcy and have some optimism and have some good health.” 

Rep. Horrigan felt the turnout was looking good at the polls, and, like Rep. Wall, was feeling great. “A good turnout is good for us Democrats, although it’s hard to tell with lots of people voting who have never voted before. We don’t really know what they’re going to do, we think they’re going to trend Democratic.” 

While the polls in Durham looked different yesterday due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, it did not stop residents from coming to cast their ballot in a historic election. 

“Voters seem to be very relaxed, they come in and no one is stressed because of long lines, no one is stressed because too many questions were asked to register, it’s been a very productive day,” said Rep. Wall. 

Their confidence was proven to be founded, as the Town of Durham website’s unofficial totals came to 4,769 votes for Rep. Wall and 4,717 votes for Rep. Horrigan, reelecting them both for Strafford District 6.  

Rep. Horrigan was pleased with the results, calling it a “free, fair and spirited election.” Being over 3,000 votes ahead of the highest ranked Republican candidate Bonnie McDermott, who received an unofficial count of 1,833 votes in Durham, Rep. Horrigan said, “This tells me that the people of Durham and Madbury appreciate our hard work and our pragmatic progressive leadership.” 

The remaining unofficial count of votes for Republican candidates for State Rep. in Strafford District 6 is Cheryl A. Lamoureux with 1,775, Mark F. Racic with 1,688, Cliff Zetterstrom with 1,612 and James C. Ziegra with 1,515 votes. 

Incumbent Democratic State Rep. Cam Kenney was reelected and received an unofficial total of 4,769 votes. 

“I am so excited to be elected to my second term in the N.H. House of Representatives. Now more than ever, Young people need a voice to fight for the progressive policies that will lead us into a future that works for all of us. Thank you to the people of Durham and Madbury, including the students,” said Rep. Kenney in a statement to The New Hampshire. 

Incumbent State Rep. Marjorie Smith was “honored by the support of Durham and Madbury voters who voted to send me back to the New Hampshire House” after receiving an unofficial total of 4,786 votes. 

“The challenges we face are enormous. The pandemic heads the list, as a health issue and a funding issue. But it also will interfere with how the legislature will function. Education funding, civil rights and liberties, climate change, diversity, equity and inclusion, all of these issues present opportunities to improve the lives of our citizens. I will strive to do my best,” said Rep. Smith in a statement to The New Hampshire. 

Incumbent Rep. Judith Spang was unable to comment on her win of 4,789 votes due to being hospitalized with a broken leg. 

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