Meet the U.S. Senate candidates


Anna Kate Munsey

Jeanne Shaheen

Jeanne Shaheen is running for reelection to the U.S. Senate representing New Hampshire. She has been a Democrat in the Senate since 2009 and is now seeking her third term. 

Before Shaheen’s Senate career, she served as Governor of New Hampshire for three two-year terms, from 1996-2002, and before that served two terms in the New Hampshire State Senate. 

Shaheen said that the issues facing the country are “unimagined challenges” and that “the stakes have never been higher” than right now.  

The biggest issue that Shaheen is hoping to address in another term in the Senate is climate change, especially because of its effects on New Hampshire. Shaheen said that “we need to act now,” and said a priority should be “investing in clean energy technologies” to create jobs in New Hampshire. 

Shaheen said that her proudest professional accomplishment has been “protecting women’s reproductive rights” throughout her years of public service. She cited repealing an abortion felony law as governor and writing the Sexual Assault Survivors’ Bill of Rights in the Senate, among others. Shaheen said, “Republicans are determined to strip away women’s reproductive rights, and I will fight them every step of the way.” 

Additionally, Shaheen’s platform includes protecting affordable health care access for New Hampshire residents and relieving student loan debt. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted Shaheen’s campaign, and “forced us to rethink how we engage with voters.” However, Shaheen said, “What hasn’t changed is the importance of hearing directly from people,” especially those who she said were most affected by the pandemic. 

“That’s who I’m fighting for in the Senate,” Shaheen said, “and combatting this pandemic has been my top priority throughout this campaign.”  

“There is a clear contrast in this race,” Shaheen said. “Electing Democrats is about electing people who will trust science, protect people’s health care, and… create fundamental change.” 

Shaheen is opposed in this election by Republican Corky Messner.  

Corky Messner:

Bryant “Corky” Messner is the Republican nominee for New Hampshire’s U.S. Senate seat, currently held by incumbent Sen. Jeanne Shaheen who is seeking reelection. Messner is a veteran, businessman and lawyer who resides in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire where he served on the Lake Wentworth Foundation’s board of directors. 

Messner is a lifelong conservative and proud Granite Stater, according to his campaign website. His priorities are to “Improve Free Market Healthcare,” “Stand Up to Democrats’ Socialist Agenda,” “Make Middle Class Tax Cuts Permanent,” “Maintain Strong National Security Border & Security,” “Reduce Government Spending and the Debt,” “Pro-Second Amendment,” and “Pro Life.” 

If elected, Messner would work with Gov. Sununu to speed up the state’s economic recovery. “That means I will not only support targeted federal aid for those sectors hardest hit by pandemic closures, but I also recognize we need to safely re-open the state — we need to get back to work, help businesses adapt to the ‘new normal,’ and help those who have lost their livelihoods and need job opportunities and retraining,” in an email with The New Hampshire. 

Messner’s proudest accomplishments are attending West Point, serving in the military, putting himself through law school and building his business.  

“I achieved the American Dream, and I continue to help others do the same, mentoring entrepreneurs and others who want to reach their professional and personal goals. As U.S. Senator, I will work to help others achieve their own version of the American Dream,” he said. 

Messner believes that young people beginning their careers would benefit from a “strong economy, less government and a focus on individual freedom.” He emphasized the importance of strengthening the economy. 

Due to COVID-19, Messner’s campaign has been largely virtual, but they have utilized social media to reach out to young voters. “Our message has always been one of optimism and the power of the individual. As the father of three young people, I know we must provide the next generation with the promise of a bright future, of an economy that offers good jobs and good pay,” he said. 

Photo (left) Courtesy of Jeanne Shaheen

Photo (right) Courtesy of WMUR