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Class of 2020 Senior Farewells: Katherine Lesnyk, Content Editor


I have been in The New Hampshire longer than I’ve been in my major, health management and policy.  

I attended my first contributors’ meeting for TNH in late January of my freshman year. I knew nothing about being a reporter, writing news, AP Style, or editing. A year later, I found myself in the content editor position in the middle of the school year, only having been in the newsroom on production night once to answer some questions about one of my stories, and I was terrified, but so excited and honored. Since January of my sophomore year, Wednesday night production and Thursday staff meetings in the windowless, stale-aired newsroom have been the best parts of my week. TNH has given me a wealth of professional experiences, a group of friends, and a happy, meaningful college adventure for which I’m wildly grateful.  

Before I move into the philosophical portion of my farewell, I want to give a shout-out to this year’s editorial staff:  

Bret is a humble, intelligent, and tactful leader, and his direction and vision propelled TNH into a bright new era. Also thank you for giving me rides home on wintry production nights and starting the newsroom rumor that I drink ice-cold gravy. I do not drink gravy.  

The first thing I remember about Ian Lenohan/Lennyhan/Lanihans/Lenahan is when he called me to ask me about how to get courtesy photos for a story about UNH students in the Olympics only a few weeks into both of us being on staff sophomore year. My first thought was “Why is this person calling me?” and my second thought was, “He must really care about his writing.” I barely knew Ian then, but two years later and now I know that he’s a talented journalist, and a thoughtful leader and friend with a sense of humor that can make you fall out of your wobbly newsroom office chair.  

Sam and Josh: I am so impressed with what these two did with the sports section this year. Sam – not only a dedicated sports reporter but also a trustworthy friend – is going to be wildly successful in his career, and I’m so excited to see where he goes. Josh has a witty sense of humor that hits you out of nowhere and ideas for TNH that will bring the organization to the forefront of digital college journalism. TNH is going to be in great hands next year with him as the executive editor.  

Emily, Maddie and Hannah have become some of my closest friends at UNH in under a year; we even coined a name for ourselves – the News Girlz. Once life returns to normal and we can gather in groups again, I’m going to need another News Girlz girls night. Just give me a day and a time, and I’ll be there. I miss you all terribly.  

“Caleb Nathan Jagoda”: An intimidatingly good writer, and one of the most pleasant, kind people I’ve had the honor of knowing. Thank you, “Caleb Nathan Jagoda,” for all the conversations about music, horror movies and liminal spaces. I’m so glad someone else understands the haunting, godless energy that lies behind a Chili’s Grill & Bar.  

Last but not least, a TNH farewell would not be complete without shouting out Ben Strawbridge. Ben and I have had countless conversations about music, politics, and most importantly, the cinematographic masterpiece that is “Mean Girls.” Stay fetch, Ben.  

Now on to the philosophical part:  

I don’t know what I’m going to be doing after graduation (whenever our postponed graduation is). I don’t think I’ll be a journalist, and I don’t want to be a healthcare manager, as the title of my major would reasonably suggest. What I do know, though, is that TNH has provided me with skills – in writing, in editing, in communication, and more – that I’ll be able to take with me wherever I land.  

For anyone debating whether to join a student organization – any type of student organization– give it a try. It may be end up being just as valuable, if not more so, to your personal growth than your classroom experiences (much love to the HMP department, but TNH was with me first). To everyone in TNH past and present, thank you for making this more than a job, and more than a student org.  

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