TNH staff class of ’19 farewell: Jacob Dawson


Hannah Donahue

I’ll admit I first got involved with TNH in a pretty hostile way. I came to UNH in the fall of 2015 after spending my last year working for my high school’s paper through a new journalism course being offered. When I picked up my first copy of TNH, which I have no idea what was on the front cover, I started to take a pen and pick apart some of the problems I noticed with spelling and AP errors.  

I said I didn’t want to join the paper because of the problems I saw, but I also hadn’t declared my journalism major yet, I wanted to be a marine biologist and study sharks, and I low-key still do. It wasn’t until the 2016 election I decided to become a journalist. It wasn’t long before then my brother had taken up a career in journalism and was working for the Vermont Cynic at the University of Vermont.  

He told me I needed to join the paper in order to make it better, to make it more like the Cynic which won a national award that year for its reporting. My very first journalism teacher at UNH, Meg Heckman said more or less the same thing to me. Shoutout to one of my favorite professors, who is no longer at UNH.  

I joined TNH towards the end of my first semester sophomore year as a contributing writer. As soon as the next semester started I was able to join the staff and staff writer and held that position until the start of my junior year when I became a news editor, then the start of senior year I earned the position of content editor, where I sit now, writing this, talking with the other editors about our past experiences. 

TNH gave me more real life experience working for a news outlet than most of my classes have. But TNH has also connected me with some very valuable people at UNH who helped me get my internship this past summer at the Concord Monitor.  

I’ll never the countless Wednesday nights I spent here in MUB 132. I’ll never forget the people, the stories, the controversies, the politicians, and constant input from our wonderful community which, without, TNH would not be able to provide you with the news and opinions we are capable of.