Editorial: Your vote is your choice

Bret Belden

By TNH Editorial Staff

For the last few weeks, newspapers around the state have been issuing their endorsements for candidates in this midterm election cycle.

Foster’s Daily Democrat in nearby Dover issued a straight Republican ticket endorsement of Frank Guinta, Walt Havenstein and Scott Brown. Manchester’s The New Hampshire Union Leader also suggested to its voters to go with the GOP in this cycle. The Union Leader actually, perhaps unofficially, endorsed Brown all the way back in August. Talk about some keen foresight.

On the contrary, the Concord Monitor and The Portsmouth Herald both endorsed Democrats Maggie Hassan, Carol Shea-Porter and Jeanne Shaheen for their respective offices.

Us? Well, we’re just going to let you make that choice today.

We considered issuing our own endorsements for the offices that matter most to this area, those being the U.S. Senate seat, the state governorship, New Hampshire’s First Congressional District seat, and the seat representing the 21st District in the New Hampshire State Senate. We have met and heard from all — but one — of the ticketed candidates running for these offices and have reported on their races to the best that our resources could allow.

We hope that you can use that information that we have worked on to provide and take it with you when you make your decision at the polls today.

Our role in this community is to keep you informed, not tell you what to think or who to vote for. Yes, we use this space twice a week to deliver our opinion on how we see things around UNH and sometimes the rest of the nation. We hope you read and consider our opinions, but we certainly don’t expect you to consistently agree.

The New Hampshire has no agenda in this election. It is not our interest to persuade you to vote blue or red. Our newsroom is made up of diverse minds, and it would be unfair to collectively take a stance for one candidate and against another.

So we won’t ask you to vote for a particular candidate, but we will ask you to vote. The hot button issues that have been thrown around this election cycle affect students and young professionals such as the economy, equal pay, jobs and, oh yes, student debt. That last one certainly will have a massive impact on the lives of most UNH seniors after May 2015.

Transportation to the polls are being provided right outside Holloway Commons. Take 30 minutes out of your day and vote. You won’t need to do it again until 2016.

Happy Election Day, UNH.